Aujourd'hui, nous avançons à grands pas vers une situation révolutionnaire (texte original français)

Traduction proposée par Alba Malta North Africa avec quelques modifications de GQ

Today, we are making BIG STEPS towards a revolutionary situation.

Since November 17, millions of French people occupy the roundabouts and the streets in almost all the cities and the villages of the country, blocking or filtering the circulation, and begin to paralyze the economy. Yesterday isolated in their daily life more than difficult, they gather in solidarity and the collective struggle that many of them discover for the first time. They organize themselves directly on social networks, the yellow vest that they have chosen as a rallying signal, a protective clothing for the workers, has become an obvious symbol of the people.

This ground-breaking movement, originally unheard of, was prompted by rising fuel taxes, and immediately amplified to the point of expressing the refusal of the result of 30 years power of money and social regression, continues, and it has become the largest social movement in the country in 50 years!

 The movement of the Yellow Vests is decentralized, self-organized, and refuses any delegation of power, any spokesperson; those whom the media and the authorities try to co-opt are immediately disavowed by the grassroots, having no authority over the roadblocks. The movement, animated by those for whom “the end of the month” is more formidable than the “end of the world” of global warming, expresses the anger accumulated over many years, and the black despair into which large sections of society have fallen, as have the territories on the margins of globalization. By blocking the economy at the time of the tourist and commercial season leading up to the end of year celebrations, he managed to make the voice of the voiceless, the voice of “those who are nothing” as said by president Macron, heard with tremendous and unexpected power. The arrogant president is now placed on an ejection seat.

Unbelievably for the media and professional politicians, this movement is moving forward like a social tsunami, taking everything in its path. It begins to spread like wildfire in high schools and universities, and beyond to the youth of the metropolitan suburbs.

What do they  ask? In multiple local versions, we find what liberal left and right hate the most, rising purchasing power, social justice and the redistribution of wealth:

1-Increase of the SMIC  ( minimum salary) (of 200 euros), fixing a maximum salary (15 000 euros).

2-Increase in the amount of retirement pensions, their reindexation, the cancellation of the increase in the CSG tax upon them– the abandonment of the current reform project (pension by points) and the lowering of the age of departure in retirement.

3-Tax justice: less indirect taxes, increased tax progressivity, the restoration of wealth tax. ( ISF)

4-Return to social security covering 100% of medical expenses.

5-A “zero homeless” plan with immediate effect.

6-The RE industrialization of the country, in particular by the relocation of companies who have mooved to settle abroad.

7-The RE nationalization of public services and national heritage sold off for 30 years, and the reopening of closed rail lines, the development of rail, instead of the “all truck” and “Macron buses”.

8-The removal of the status of posted workers.

9-The removal of the root causes of migration, including wars and interference in migrants’ countries of origin, and the need for effective border control.

What are its prospects?

Satisfaction has finally been given to its original claim, by the cancellation of taxes on diesel and gasoline scheduled for January 1, established under the pretext of ecology. The government and the president fell back into confusion. The movement has acquired enough strength to get what it really wants, beyond those few drops of fuel that broke the camel’s back, and it can put the revolution on the agenda. The yellow vests of 2018 are the heirs of the sans-culottes of 1789. The panic of the people in power and the worsening of the repression that takes odious and grotesque forms only throw oil on the fire.

To achieve its objectives, the movement is about to explode the political framework of the Fifth Republic, the simple and unifying motto “Macron resignation“, which crystallizes and returns to the sender his contempt and class hatred, actually expresses the requirement of a change of regime. While the oligarchic caste, panicked, openly dreams of dictatorship, France in motion wants a true democracy with social justice where the people exercise real power. This implies a new constitution, and a new government from the people.

The movement is already echoing abroad, in several European countries, particularly in Belgium. Whatever will be its immediate development, it is already cracking the capitalist world order, and its organization at the European level.

 We live  historical days: the history of our country is accelerating! A united people who has set in motion is invincible!